January 02, 2006

An Auspicious Beginning to 2006

THERE'S NOTHING like car problems to sour one's weekend, particularly when they come at the very end of it. Earlier this evening, I spent roughly an hour screwing around with my wretched Ford Taurus, which abruptly decided that it wasn't going to start this evening. Never mind that it worked perfectly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- on Monday, it decided to act up.

The problem revolves around the battery -- which is only two years old -- and its ancillary support systems. The battery is producing power, but not enough of it to kickstart the engine. Also, the battery connections are worn, and the positive battery pole had a shocking amount of acid corrosion built up around it.

Heh. Pun.

Anyway: there was power, but not enough of it. So I think I managed to solve the problem by cleaning the connections and cursing repeatedly, all while working from the light of my cell phone. The only trouble was that by the time I had made significant progress, I had used too much power from the car battery to actually start the car. Thus, I'm now going to have to wait until the morning before I try it again.

It had better work.

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