December 16, 2005

Detroit's Orange Revolution

WHEN THE PEOPLE of Ukraine defied that nation's Government in 2004, they used the color orange as their standard. Now, long-suffering fans of the hapless Detroit Lions football team have started their own Orange Revolution.

Yes, that's right. An outfit called The Lions Fanatics has declared an "orange-out" for Sunday's upcoming game at Ford Field against the Cincinnati Bengals, which as it happens have orange as their team color. The group argues that Matt Millen, the Lions' president whom fans despise, has failed miserably at his job and deserved to be cashiered.

When one sees how badly the Lions play -- this past week, they somehow managed to lose at Green Bay despite having the game pretty much won -- one finds it difficult to disagree with that idea. The team that Millen built has had an abysmal past five years, and there's very little hope their next five years will be better with him in charge. This has annoyed fans greatly.

In addition to the "orange-out," WDFN-AM -- Detroit's version of "The Fan" radio format -- is staging an "Angry Fan March" before the game on Sunday. If you're in the Detroit area, here's all the information you'll need. We'll see how well Detroit's Orange Revolution turns out, but at the very least, it's good to see fans are taking action and refusing to give up in such dire circumstances.

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at December 16, 2005 11:17 PM | TrackBack

As a fan, my heart is with the Lions' fans on this one. They have suffered for a long, long time, though they've never really been as putrid as the Bengals were from 1990 to 2002. The ownership's commitment to Matt Millen is, uh, puzzling -- to say the least.

As for the Bengals' players, I know they'll be sensitive to the feelings of the Lions on Sunday, and will resist any desire to kick them while they're down -- a few vets having been in that position for such a nightmarishly long time themselves. That being said, the Bengals will beat the tar out of them.

Posted by: Uncle Dave at December 17, 2005 07:07 PM

The Lions AND their fans suck! What kind of sports fan supports the opposing team, even in tough times? Lame if you ask me.

Posted by: Jesse Kepple at December 18, 2005 11:47 PM