November 11, 2005

I Have Bronzed the Introductory E-Mail from Mr Kirk Elder

MR KIRK ELDER, whom Rant readers know as the writer behind such clever lines as "I was convinced I had stumbled into the departure lounge of Hell," and "the Sturmey-Archer gears have three settings: Agony, Inner Turmoil and Dropkick Me, Jesus, Through The Goalposts of Life," now has a blog.


At Mr Elder's blog, you can see plenty of new work several times a week from Mr Elder, such as: "Mr Sean Connery Must Ride In On A Milkfloat Of Human Kindness And Save Edinburgh's Beautiful Cameo Cinema." (Opening line: "I read in The Herald that Edinburgh's Cameo Cinema is to be sold, and its main auditorium transformed into a 'super-bar.' Oh, how the heart sinks.")

Speaking of, I was disappointed to read on Mr Elder's blog that "for many years a columnist on The Scotsman newspaper, he is currently 'in recovery' from the experience." This sounds, as we say in America, Not Extreme. I mean, the Kirk Elder column was the only reason I read that paper.

Anyway, go on over and have a look -- I think Mr Elder's blog may become a favorite for lots of folks.

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