November 01, 2005

Trampling Out the Vintage

SO TONIGHT I was going through The Rant's referral files and found, to my great annoyance, that Communist bandwidth thieves were siphoning off The Rant's precious bandwidth reserves. I couldn't believe it -- here I am, providing a free service to the general public and my loyal readership, and scoundrels are taking undue advantage of it.

Well, they're not taking advantage of it anymore. Heh. Dig how clever I was: I found the file to which the bandwidth thief had linked, and for just a few minutes, I pulled the "switcheroo" trick. For five minutes or so, this image was visible on the thief's site instead:

Yes, I do rule. I took the image down after a few minutes, just because I didn't want to make it too embarrassing, but I was greatly pleased with how it turned out. And should similar stunts happen in future, I'll be prepared.

The image, by the way, is Photoshopped -- the original is from that site with all the bad album covers. The photo is of the Rev. Robert White, from his album, "The Reverend in Rhythm." I don't think anyone knows what happened to Father Bob -- at least not on the Internet -- but there will at least be one kinda-cool mention for the guy.

Oh, and one last thing: please don't hotlink the anti-hotlinking image. That would be wrong.

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