October 17, 2005

A Good Football Weekend

SURE, MICHIGAN defeated the Nittany Lions of Penn State, but I still want U-M football coach Lloyd Carr to get cashiered. Now, thanks to this nifty Web site, you can help in the quest. It's worth a visit just for the picture alone.

WHY DO the Pittsburgh Steelers have such crappy backup quarterbacks? I mean, I'm sorry, but when Ben Roethlisberger got hurt last week I had two reactions: "NOOOOOOOOO!" when Roethlisberger's knee got hit, and "NOOOOOOOO!" when Charlie Batch got put in the game. Don't get me wrong, I like Charlie Batch, but he played for the Lions. And even though all he did was give the ball to Jerome Bettis, those few plays with our third-string QB were really scary.

But it's not Batch that worries me -- it's Tommy Maddox. Gad. Dig that 1 TD/3 INT stat, that 39.3 completion percentage, that 30.1 QB rating. We need a better performer in that second slot, and quickly.

ALSO -- a congratulations to the Northwestern Wildcats, who won two games in a row with their defeat of Purdue last week. Yeah.

I would further like to thank the television programmers who made this week's football telecast MUCH BETTER in terms of game selection.

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