July 07, 2005

Terror in London

I SAW THIS excerpt from the latest edition of The Economist first at Andrew Sullivan's blog, but I think the paragraph so spot on that it bears repeating in my own small corner of the Internet.

The newspaper writes:

What the attacks also show, however, is that well co-ordinated though the four explosions were, they were not terribly effective. Chance plays a big role in such attacks. The bombs in Madrid last year which killed 191 people might have killed many more had the station roof collapsed. The September 11th hijackings might have killed fewer than the eventual 2,752 had the twin towers of the World Trade Centre not melted down and collapsed. As The Economist went to press, the toll in the four London bombs was not clear, but the estimate of at least 33 deaths was thankfully far smaller than in Madrid. By the terrible calculus of terrorism, the attacks should thus be counted as a failure—a sign of weakness, not strength.

That is an analysis with which I can only second my agreement. I wish I could write what I truly felt but the words aren't coming out right -- today, I have just felt frustrated and angry and sad all at once.

May God grant peace to those killed, and may He protect the injured and comfort their families in their time of need. And may the British know America stands with them.

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Posted by Benjamin Kepple at July 7, 2005 07:09 PM | TrackBack

Perhaps I have become an incredible cynic, but I simply cannot get too worked up over <50 deaths these days, especially considering this whole thing happened at the same time as a summit to combat hunger and poverty in Africa. MILLIONS of people die ALL THE TIME in Africa, and the news doesn't say a damn thing about that.

I know, I know, al quaeda is the enemy and they are trying to destroy our way of life and this attack is reflective of the larger problem we face -- being unable to feel safe in our modern world, and facing a people who will not accept freedom and democracy and whatnot.

I feel for the souls that were lost. But for some reason I have been totally unable to get really worked up over this.

Posted by: Matt at July 10, 2005 01:51 PM

It will probably be closer to 100. Its a bloody miracle that more people did not die considering they hit the tube. I have to tell you live-blogging an event such as this is bloody hard work. It was rewarding that so many people left comments and came to the site however. Thanks for the link Ben.

Posted by: Andrew Ian Dodge at July 11, 2005 11:51 AM