May 21, 2005

More College Fun

AS SOME Loyal Rant Readers may know, it is my qualified opinion that -- aside from the Southwestern desert -- the most agreeable place to live in the United States is the city of Ann Arbor, Mich.*, and its surrounding environs. Small city, university environment, great restaurants, temperate climate**, one can do a lot of walking, an OK cost of living if one doesn't mind having roommates. All good things in Benjamin Kepple's book.

Plus, I mean, the name. Ann Arbor. It's kind of humorous, unlike the names of places where the Real Work of the Nation is Done. I mean, think about Manchester for a second. It's not funny, and the city would be offended at the very thought. That goes double for Boston and triple for Philadelphia. But Ann Arbor? Funny. Especially when it leads to Web sites with funny names like this.

Actually, that Web site is a pretty handy reference, because it means I can keep track of how things are Slowly Being Changed Back at My Old Stomping Grounds. I try to get back to Ann Arbor every couple of years and every time I do return, I inevitably end up asking myself what the hell happened to Restaurant X and Store Y and Drinking Establishment Z. I mean, the last time I went back, the Arbordale Mall had suddenly reinvented itself into a kickass shopping plaza. But now I can keep track, even though I am 800 miles away.
And behold! there are lots of blogs dealing with Ann Arbor matters. And many of them are funny.

* The link leads us to one downside about Ann Arbor. Notice how on the city's main page, perhaps the most prominent feature has to do with paying parking tickets online. This is for good reason.

** Yes, it bloody well is a temperate climate. My God. If you don't believe me, go to Lake Havasu City in the summer -- or New Hampshire in the winter!

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Yeah, Ann Arbor's cool -- it's part of why I still live here even though I work in Royal Oak.

Posted by: Geoff Brown at May 21, 2005 08:32 PM