April 09, 2005

Dear God, No!

COOKIE MONSTER reacts with horror as he discovers his hippie colleague (left) has replaced the cast table's standard array of fattening foods with fruits and vegetables. The cost-saving measure led Cookie Monster, who received just one (1) low-carb reduced-sugar carob-chip cookie, to file a grievance regarding prevailing work conditions.

THIS BLOG ENTRY is brought to you by the letter T, which rhymes with P, and that stands for Puritanical.

It seems the people behind Sesame Street are now telling their young viewers they ought not eat bad food. This would be fine, except in the process, they're turning Cookie Monster into a relative health freak. According to the Associated Press, Cookie Monster is now "advocating eating healthy." He even has a special song to mark the switch -- "A Cookie is a Sometimes Food."

I find this situation rather depressing, for two reasons. First, the fact Sesame Street is now informing three-year-olds about proper nutrition means that's not being done in the home, which is where such things should be done. Why is it so many parents aren't making an effort not to buy sugary foods? The kids'll get over not having Cocoa Puffs or what not, won't they?

Secondly, what's next? Will all the puppets start making fun of Big Bird because he's overweight? Will Ernie arrive home to find Bert has gone vegan? Will Bob lead an intervention to combat Oscar's smoking?

Can't we just let the kids be kids for a few years before we expose them to this kind of puritanical meddling?

(via Dan Champion)

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at April 9, 2005 10:18 PM | TrackBack

"C" is for "carb-counting.........."

Posted by: simon from jersey at April 11, 2005 09:25 AM

re your statement "THIS BLOG ENTRY is brought to you by the letter T, which rhymes with P, and that stands for Puritanical" and later in the article: ..."puritanical meddling" Aw, come on , Ben--give the Puritans a break. They are forever getting an undeserved bad rap and they really were (are) on our side! "P" more correctly stands for the second word in "Food Police" -- or maybe "History Police" who prefer the caricature & willfully haven't figured out real Puritanism yet!

As for the rest of the story I couldn't agree with you more. 1 carb cookies indeed! Surely they jest (but probably not) :-/ Except for your [most likely]inadvertent mistake about the Puritans you've got it nailed! Carry the torch high, friend.

Posted by: Bob at April 12, 2005 01:02 AM