April 06, 2005

I Picked a Bad Week to Quit Smoking

JESUS, WHAT A WEEK. So dig this: as I left work here in Manchester today, it was 67 degrees out, sunny, and there was a perfect gentle breeze going. It was therefore perfectly natural that the power-window motor on my car's driver-side door would decide, at 5:30 p.m., to go kaput.

It was also perfectly natural the power-window motor would go out while the window was in the down position. So I just now had to spend a good twenty minutes removing every last scrap of personal crap I had in the car AND the trunk -- including everything from last Friday's Wall Street Journal to the ground-up half of a pay stub I found from my job.

My job in Los Angeles.

Five years ago.

Anyway, this just sucks, and the repair's probably going to run me a good $300 to $400, although hopefully less. Even worse, I'm going to have to use up one of my precious personal days, which I like to save for emergencies. Although this is an emergency, and it'll be a bloody catastrophe if it rains any time in the near future. Cripes.

This is the second Unpleasant Experience I had today. The first was that my cheap imitation mobile phone's memory card bought the farm, and I had to go to the mobile-phone store to get it fixed. They wanted to charge me $25 for a new card, but I prevailed through a rational explanation of how the problem occurred. That is to say, I blamed the phone's shoddy manufacturing, and I mean, my God, I'd just bought the phone last month, etc. etc. So I therefore got a $25 memory card -- which may have cost as much as 50 cents or $1 to mass-produce -- for free. I suppose I ought be happy, except the card ought not have broken in the first place.

Still, there is SOME completely good news. Loyal Rant Readers will recall there was a fire at my apartment building last week. There was really nothing to it, as it was a cooking fire, but it did prompt me to consider renter's insurance. This week, I called my insurer and asked them to throw on a rental insurance policy. The minimum policy provides far more coverage than I could ever need, even at replacement value, and it's definitely nice to have that peace of mind.

I did not, however, expect my insurance company to pay me for having the stuff. Combine the cost of the renter's insurance with the discount on my auto insurance and I'm ahead all of $14 per year. If I had known it would work out like that, I would have gotten the stuff a long time ago!

ANYWAY, I am also proud to announce that I've now gotten through SIX days without smoking a cigarette. It is still quite hard, and I'm getting the sweats and the nervousness, but I'm noticing that I'm losing the "oh my God, I really need a smoke" feeling. And what the hell was I thinking, smoking in my apartment?

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