February 23, 2005

An Extreme Victory

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 20-21 -- THERE IS SOMETHING to be said for a band which plays seven original songs in a set and every one of them proves a winner. Such performances are rare but beautiful things, of course -- too often when listening to live music, one finds oneself secretly wishing for a fast-forward button, or grooving along only to have a massive tempo switch. So when a band not only avoids these kinds of pitfalls, but produces downright amazing songs which one wants to hear again -- it's worthy of note.

We are pleased to report that New Jersey-based "Mouth of Wilson" is such a band, and also pleased to report that our lifelong friend Simon from Jersey is the drummer in "Mouth of Wilson." We saw the band play a set at The Five Spot nightclub in the Old City here, and they were frickin' awesome. We mean, they're that good. Professional-grade good. And as the set in question was played during competition -- a first-round bracket in Philadelphia-based competition of the Emergenza Music Festival -- it went especially well, as "Mouth of Wilson" proved the victor.

They would have won on musical talent alone, but as we understand it, the first such round is based solely on fan support. Therefore, the guys behind "Mouth of Wilson" actually chartered a bus to ferry fans from central New Jersey down to the City of Brotherly Shove.

Now this was fun. Along with Loyal Rant Reader Mike Nagy -- hi, Mike! -- we joined roughly 45 other music-loving people on a bus ride in which heavy drinking commenced from the moment the genial Russian driver started the engine. As it turned out, the bus had its own passenger-pacification system (they showed "Mystic Pizza" on the video system) but this was not enough to calm the hordes of fans desperate for the sweet tones of "Mouth of Wilson." It was also not enough to calm the hordes on the way back. How Mr Nagy managed to get any sleep at all on the return trip -- punctured as it was with drunken argument (sample question: "Springsteen: deity or Communist?") -- is absolutely beyond us.

As for the rest of our trip -- well, we shall get to that in short order. But for those music fans in the central New Jersey area, we would encourage them to go check out "Mouth of Wilson." They're next playing at the Conduit in Trenton on March 12.

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at February 23, 2005 08:23 PM | TrackBack

Loyal rant reader Mike Nagy checking in, thank's for the shout out Ben!! Mouth Of Wilson put on a hell of a show, had a great time, Later!!

Posted by: Mike Nagy at February 23, 2005 10:10 PM

Ben, thanks for the kind word. I'm glad you were able to cheer us on!

Posted by: simon from jersey at February 24, 2005 09:45 AM