January 12, 2005

Haven't They Suffered Enough?

WE WERE PLEASED to learn that a New Jersey school district concluded it wouldn't be Educationally Enriching for one of its middle schools to serve as a backdrop for the wretched antics of "The Simple Life."

After all, the kids are from South Jersey. They've suffered enough. They don't need that horrible dimwit and her miserable friend playacting during school hours. Especially considering the two were going to "work" as "substitute teachers" during the filming. Dear God -- what were these administrators thinking when they gave the initial greenlight? We are simply astounded such a thing would be even seriously entertained, much less approved.

Even more discouraging, what were the parents in this tiny hamlet thinking? Thank God about 10 pc stood up for righteousness and decency -- but 90 pc said it was perfectly all right for their kids to be televised on "The Simple Life?" The very thought is enough to give us dyspepsia for a week.

Speaking of dyspepsia, we have always wondered -- what do the neighbors of the starlets' families think about all this? We've always just wanted to know, that's all. Because if we were their neighbors, we would disinvite them from all the trendy parties and big social events and other such things which we understand many wealthy people take quite seriously. Just as punishment for letting their wretched offspring run amok.

We mean, God. Attention, Mr and Mrs Hilton: it's not cool when your kid's major apparent achievement -- after four generations of wealth-building -- is to seemingly reattain the status of parvenu.

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