October 13, 2004

Didn't This End Two Centuries Ago?

WE HAVE LEARNED this evening that The Guardian, a once-respectable British newspaper, has embarked upon a scheme to give its readers "a say" in the upcoming US elections. This scheme consists of having its readers send letters to unsuspecting American voters residing in Clark County, Ohio, with entreaties in an attempt to sway these voters' choices -- one way or the other --on Election Day.

Now, we see their game perfectly clear. First they'll start sending letters. Then it will switch to phone calls. The next thing we'll know, there'll be squads of Hessian mercenaries roving the landscape, demanding quarter in our homes!

For it is bad enough when any foreign group attempts to meddle with our domestic affairs, but far worse when an English group does so. After all, when we wanted to have a say in how England was run, Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts. That, of course, led to a series of unfortunate events in which we were forced to run roughshod over England -- first in 1776, again in 1812.

Please, lads. Don't make us do it a third time.

We suppose now would be a good time to mention that The Guardian, and its Sunday Observer, may be contacted at 119 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3ER, United Kingdom. Remember that the English are unfailingly polite, so feel free to blast the Loyalists something fierce.


As an aside, we would note that due to The Guardian's set-up, only one voter address is being sent to any individual e-mail address. This is to prevent Clark County voters from being deluged with mail. We would only say that this evening, we paid the tiniest bit of homage to our great ancestors who fought in the American Revolution.

(link via Emily Jones, who is similarly appalled).

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