September 13, 2004

Blogroll Additions

LOYAL RANT READERS -- of which, we are happy to note, there are more than ever -- should be quite interested in several new blogs which we have added to our blogroll, that is, the long list of links which we have provided in the left-hand column. We hope that you will find these blogs as enjoyable as we have.

We have continued using the National and International Stock Market Indices Format, as we find this the easiest way to track the many blogs to which we have linked. Besides, reading these blogs provides one with valuable information, which we personally find useful in helping us gauge investment conditions in other nations. Of course, they are also a lot of fun to read too, the primary measure for inclusion on the blogroll.

We would direct our readers to the following blogs:

On the Dow, we would again direct readers to Simon From Jersey's Sick Day blog. We have known Simon From Jersey for two decades, which is no small potatoes when one considers we are but 28 years old. He continues to provide witty ramblings and other commentary which we think you'll enjoy.

On the NYSE, we would direct readers to both the excellent Iain Murray and the always enjoyable Weekend Pundit. Mr Murray is well known to the blogosphere for his commentary, and the Weekend Pundit team -- based right here in New Hampshire -- are a great group who always provide thought-provoking commentary and essays. We think you'll find both valuable resources.

Under the NASDAQ index, we have listed The Musings and Searchings of Camassia, a particularly well-written blog largely focusing on Christian theology matters. Reading Camassia's site always serves as a reminder about the truly important things in life. We read it quite frequently, but given our spiritual state, we ought do so more often.

Under the AMEX column, we have listed Brian Chapin and Gregory Markle's American Realpolitik -- you can guess what that covers -- and DavidMSC's fun Better Living Through Blogging.

We have also listed several blogs which are either based outside the United States or focus exclusively on non-American matters.

Perhaps most worthy of note among these is the fantastic NK Zone, listed under the Seoul Composite heading. NK Zone does not merely feature sharp writing and commentary on the world's most repressive society. They have some true experts on Korea writing for them, including Dr. Andrei Lankov, a noted authority on North Korean matters. We have read a bit of his work, so we were really psyched to learn he was contributing to a blog on North Korea. Another interesting blog is that which Korea Watch runs: Charles Tustison is the man behind that.

The Devil's Excrement, a blog which we first learned about via the top-notch Democracy Project, is an amazing resource on Venezuelan issues. Rant readers will find this a fascinating site -- and as for the name, well, go see for yourself why the blog is named as such.

Lastly, we've listed two sites from countries which ought get more attention than they do in the United States: South Africa and Belgium. covers South African issues in-depth, along with other world matters, while under the BEL-20 heading, you will find Live from Brussels.

We hope Rant readers will find these good additions to their own daily or regular lists of blogs which they read. Also, if Rant readers know of excellent blogs which they consider underappreciated, particularly if they focus on international matters, please do let us know.

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at September 13, 2004 09:17 PM | TrackBack

Much obliged, Ben! I'm honored that you've added me -- and it looks like I'm in very good company!

Posted by: david at September 18, 2004 03:06 PM