August 25, 2004

Hay Fever Lands Haymaker

UGH. We have hay fever something fierce. This is why we have not blogged much of anything since this Sunday. It is also why we will not blog much of anything until this coming Sunday too.

According to the various sources of information we have found on the Internet, the best treatment for allergic reactions such as ours is to identify the allergic substance and avoid it. Unfortunately for us, this would mean moving to the Southwest or other dry climate where the wretched pollens are not present. So that's out, and we are forced to resort to the only other reasonable course of action -- namely, staying indoors with the air conditioner running. With its vent to the outside closed, we can ensure a steady stream of cool, dry air into our humble abode.

We are hopeful that, after our visit to the doctor on Friday, we can get a hold of a stronger medication to combat the symptoms. For us, these include blinding headaches, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing and sniffling, and other generally unpleasant things. As we would very much like to, oh, ENJOY LIFE AGAIN, we are hopeful these ailments will soon be brought under control.

Thank you *cough**hack**wheeze* for your patience during this *dry, hacking cough* difficult time.

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