August 17, 2004

Not the Brightest Bulb in the Lamp Store Dept.

WE WERE DISMAYED to read The Washington Post Magazine's Jessica Cutler profile which appeared this weekend. The ex-Capitol Hill staffer, as most people know, was struck off for using her office computer to write a blog detailing her sex life with other employees of the Federal Government.

We suppose our dismay stems from incomprehension. You see, we just don't understand the attention paid to Ms Cutler. We mean, not at all.

For one thing, we do not understand why the Post's writer holds up Ms Cutler as a symbol of modern womanhood. We think this would be insulting to women. For another, we do not understand why Ms Cutler's publishers have offered her a significant advance on her forthcoming tome about the scandal. Everyone already knows the details, and Ms Cutler is not a sympathetic character. As for Ms Cutler's involvement with Playboy magazine, we would only note that Playboy Enterprises Inc. is now trading at a mere $8 per share, and today it hit a 52-week low. As such, we would leave it to readers to ponder the ramifications of their decision.

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