April 24, 2004

Support Our Troops

WE MUST APOLOGIZE to Dean Esmay for not posting this sooner -- things came up this week which prevented us from doing any blogging. But we do want to direct readers to a fine site which lets Americans here on the home front support our reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now, note our wording: reconstruction efforts. For these are projects which transcend politics, and causes which spring solely from the fount of human charity. They are about reducing conflict; about teaching men and women productive trades; about helping the most destitute. Best of all, donors can choose the projects to which their money will be directed; and all funds, minus credit card fees, will go directly to the projects themselves.

Besides, your entire contribution is tax-deductible. So we strongly encourage readers to get a head start on their FY 2004 tax planning and take part. Visit Mr Esmay's site for more information on the Spirit of America program. Plus, if you donate a lot of money, you can get Mr Esmay to offer his opinion on anything you want! Or you can get added to his excellent and comprehensive blogroll!

In any event, we hope you'll consider supporting this fine effort -- and we would again thank Mr Esmay for his tireless dedication to efforts which both support our forces overseas, and their humanitarian efforts.

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