January 13, 2004

Blogroll FINALLY Updated

AFTER A PERIOD of what could charitably be called "abject and utter neglect," we at The Rant have gone through and updated our blogroll in the left-hand column. This means that when you click on a link, you'll actually go to the site which its author intended you visit, as opposed to the dated site the author had six months or so ago!

Whyever are you scowling? Good God! Have you any idea how hard we've been working? At the end of the week, we're half-dead with exhaustion. Of course our somewhat bad health causes this, but we have come to take all of that in stride. God willing we shall really tackle the problem this year, for we are not getting any younger, and we have no intention of going to our eternal reward (punishment?) anytime soon. Si post fata venit gloria non propero and all that.

But anyway. You do not care about such things. You care that we have added a spiffy new banner with new photos and a new motto. You care that we have judiciously selected new content providers to read. So! Onward!

Actually, we think you shall be incredibly pleased with the four blogs we have added to the 'roll. They are as follows:

First on the list is Will, at Morituri Te Salutant. So far, this looks like an interesting site; also, we haven't any idea what goes on in Oregon so we figure this will be a way for us to learn. Finally, we like anyone who uses Latin, although we wonder whether the gloomy weather over there has contributed to that gloomy sentiment. We prefer the snappier version of that phrase -- We who are about to win salute you!. (We think that's vincemur te salutant, but it's late and we probably got the stem wrong and no one ever uses the future indicative passive anyway). But never mind. It looks like a neat site.

We have also added Allison Kaplan Sommer's An Unsealed Room, which as Mrs Sommer's site says, is "a window on life in Israel." She is quite an accomplished writer, and we look forward to reading her work more in future.

Next up is Val Prieto's Babalu Blog -- which is a great site; it deals very much with Cuban issues. We very highly recommend it. Especially check out Mr Prieto's articles on his family -- they are fabulous and heart-warming reading.

Finally, in a nod to our partial Scots heritage -- we have added David Farrer's Freedom and Whisky. For our health, we drink very little; but as a fellow Scot we must say we are proud to see Mr Farrer hold true to those old traditions.

So do enjoy. As for us, we are off to bed for the evening. Have a great night, and we shall return soon with more acidic commentary. Of that, we can assure you. And if you have any suggestions for blogs we should add to our blogroll, do let us know.

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