January 02, 2004

Hey, Redskins Fans: Consider Yourselves Lucky

WE HAVE BEEN AMUSED to see all the analysis, the shock, the hand-wringing coming from fans of the Washington Redskins football franchise following the resignation of Steve Spurrier, the team's head coach. We are informed that Mr Spurrier's departure throws that squad into crisis, that his potential replacements largely fall short of the mark, and so on.

Now, given Washington's tendency to reach the blissful state of maximum suckage each season, perhaps this is all understandable. However, we have little sympathy for Redskins fans in the matter.

First, Redskins fans knew what they were getting into; that, to borrow a line, following the team would be like getting hit in the head with a crowbar each week.

Second, Mr Spurrier was a lousy coach (7-9 last year, 5-11 this year). Now, arguably, that is an unfair statement to make, but we do not care. We have long detested the University of Florida's football team, which Mr Spurrier coached for many a season, and by extension have long disliked him too.

Third, Redskins fans are largely not acting as they should to the news, by which we mean they are not down on their knees praising Almighty God and His angels and saints for letting this happen. Gad. At least Redskins fans can get rid of lousy team coaches. We here at The Rant must live with ours.

MEET BILL COWHER: Shown here angrily yelling at a player for again failing to reach the Super Bowl, the Pittsburgh Steelers coach last did a decent job with the team in 1997.

For we have long believed that Mr Cowher should be cashiered. We realize that for many Steelers fans, this may be heresy. But we will not forgive Mr Cowher's long support of Kordell Stewart, the erratic former Pittsburgh quarterback known for throwing many Immaculate Interceptions.

Even when everyone else in the United States knew that Mr Stewart should have been benched, Mr Cowher failed to do so. And because Mr Stewart's ineptitude was not as well known in the late Nineties, Mr Cowher could have gotten a great deal had he traded Mr Stewart then. Instead, the team ended up releasing Mr Stewart, who went on to do a lousy job for the Chicago Bears.

Of course, we write these words knowing that Mr Cowher will never be sacked. This is not how things are done in Iron City. But we do hope that if things do not improve over this year's abysmal performance, Mr Cowher finds it in his heart to retire soon. For nothing -- nothing -- must be allowed to stand in the way of Pittsburgh winning "one for the thumb."

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at January 2, 2004 10:26 AM | TrackBack

Yeah, but at least he's consistent.

Posted by: Oliver at January 2, 2004 04:05 PM

You are totall correct on Mr. Cowher and the Pittsburgh Steeler situation. The multiyear fiasco with Kordell Stewart being kept on as a starter despite his miserable performance on the field reflected an incredible arrogance in Mr. Cowher who simply could not accept the obvious, i.e, that he had made a big mistake in his evaluation of Korrdell's talents and potential. These type of mistakes are going to happen from time to time to the best of coaches, but you can't ride with them for 5 years!!!!

So long as the Steelers perform up to a general level of medicority Mr. Cowher probably has the best job security in the NFL. Actually I think the Steelers are on to something in their belief that continuity in the coaching ranks is a good thing. But at some point a desire for stability and continuity can become nothing more than complaceny and I am afraid that's where we now may be in the Steel City.

Off course, all will be forgiven if the Black and Gold can advance deep into the playoffs in 2004!

Posted by: Swammi in Solon at January 3, 2004 01:46 PM