December 24, 2003

Beef Futures: They're What's for Sale

YEP. WE CALLED IT. From the Reuters news agency:

At the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, there was no interest in beef futures contracts, which fell the market limit of 1.5 cents, or 150 points.

"There's nobody willing to buy a contract," said Chuck Levitt of Alaron Trading Corp. "This is not going to stop until the contract has lost probably a thousand points."

With daily limits on how far prices can drop, Levitt said he thinks it will be next week before there is demand for beef futures contracts.

A 150 point fall is equivalent to a drop of 1.6 percent. That may not sound like much; but remember the volatility inherent there. Remember the leverage.

And if the market keeps falling ... well, just watch as the pain compounds.

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