December 16, 2003

We Have Officially Written Off Seattle

WE HAVE LEARNED THAT the city of Seattle has decided to make recycling mandatory for all city residents and businesses, starting in 2005. Since this was done for no real reason, we at The Rant have officially written Seattle off.

Thus, Seattle joins cities such as Eugene, Ore., Berkeley, Calif., and Burlington, Vt., as places which we consider too weird for right-thinking people to live. While we have no animus towards recycling if it is done on a voluntary or incentive basis -- we grew up in a state where empty soda cans were almost a substitute currency* -- we think a little justification should be given if recycling is going to be imposed.

Now, it is true that forced recycling would cut the city's garbage costs by $2 million per annum. No matter what one's view on the idea, that's at least a good rationale for it. But the main impetus for the move, according to a Seattle Post-Intelligencer report on the matter, is apparently because Seattle is supposed to be an environmentally-conscious city. As such, its citizens are going to be forced to live up to that image whether they like it or not. We find that pathetic.

A sign of how important this is to Seattle is evidenced in the P-I report, which proudly notes that Seattle is a leader in water conservation. With all the rainy days that place has, what the devil's the point?

* Any Michigan resident knows full well the value of an aluminum soda can, which there is redeemable for 10 cents at any grocery. Indeed, we recall that as college students, we and many other folks would save cases upon cases of soda cans in the event we needed ready cash. It was further deemed decadent and wasteful to throw out soda cans, which might explain why Michigan has the highest rate of aluminum can recycling in America.

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