November 07, 2003

More Sanity from The Scotsman

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE between an entertainment writer and an Actual Working Journalist? Actual Working Journalists write things like this:

At this point I should point out that (Jennifer) Lopez is not some ancient emperor revered as a living god who has fallen through a rift in the space time continuum and is having a hard time adjusting. She is in fact a light entertainer. To be precise she is an unoriginal, manufactured, future-has-been, whose music is too dull to be played in lifts and who recently made one of the worst films of all time ever, Orca the Killer Whale included.

If it's true she demanded staff (at the North British hotel) did not look at her, what's depressing is not that J-Lo is so deluded about her own importance as to make such a request but that others took her seriously. Someone in her 100-strong entourage of lackeys should have had the guts to give her a reality check. And the management of the North British (OK, OK, Balmoral) should have looked her in the eye - yes, eye - and chucked her out into Princes Street.

Even Philip of Macedon was told regularly: "Remember thou art mortal."

J-Lo needs something similar. "Remember thou made Gigli."

That's Stewart Kirkpatrick writing, in The Scotsman. Go read the whole thing.

NOTICE to American teenaged readers: Philip of Macedon was the father of Alexander the Great.

What do you mean you have no idea what we're talking about? Do they teach nothing in these schools? ALEXANDER. Lived in the third century BC, conquered pretty much of the known world, etc. What's that? Yes, one might say the wack fool got as far as remote Indiana.

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