November 04, 2003

A Merit Badge in Blogging

WE COULDN'T HELP BUT NOTICE that Dean Esmay, kung-fu master of blogging which he is, has declared us to be a veritable Eagle Scout when it comes to this pursuit of ours. We certainly appreciate this acclaim from one of the blogosphere's leading lights, and will of course strive to meet the Eagle Scout designation, which readers may see if they click the preceding link.

One thing that did interest us, however, was a caution mentioned in that designation. According to the good people at "Flame Warriors," Eagle Scout bloggers are prone to turning into so-called Jekyll-and-Hyde types. In our case, we personally think this concern is very much unwarranted.

As long-time readers know, we only very rarely take to task people with whom we disagree, and it is only on the merits of their arguments that we offer up our criticism. It is certainly not due to personal factors, as the Jekyll-and-Hyde description so cruelly suggests. Further, when we do disagree with other writers or bloggers, we believe that our criticism is well-thought out, subtle, and restrained. And they got everything they deserved, too, the disgusting --

Oh! Dear God. We don't know what came over us for a second, there. Anyway, again, we thank Mr Esmay for his kind words, and look forward to continue serving our readers in the manner to which they are accustomed.

Also -- this guy stole our chair!

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