November 03, 2003

More Cultural Detritus!

LONG-TIME READERS of The Rant know well our deeply-held belief that Everything Bad in Modern American Life is directly or indirectly related to the Seventies. Well, along with fuel shocks, stagflation, wage-price controls, disco music and pleather, we now have an additional indictment to hand down against that decade:

Really, really hideous album covers.

OK, to be fair, there are a few album covers in there from the Eighties, most noteworthy Devastatin' Dave's "Zip Zap Rap" (we don't want to know), and an oldies record showing young people from the late Fifties engaged in what then passed for uninhibited craziness. But to our eye, there's a lot of LP awfulness either from or influenced by the Bad Decade therein.

(Thanks, Lee, for the heads-up.)

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