October 21, 2003

Oh, HELL No!

With a predicted high of 43 degrees and a low of 33 degrees Fahrenheit, snow showers are forecast for Manchester tomorrow.

This is very disheartening. We had the stuff before All Saints' Day last year, and the whole miserable season saw us dealing with a massive deluge of ice and slush and snowfall. As such, we are patently appalled at the thought of seeing even one snowflake before the first of November. And if General Winter would be so kind as to hold off his forces until Thanksgiving, we'd be all right with that too. Besides, it's not as if Winter wouldn't have five other months with which to work.

But since the chances of this happening are about nil, we are going to take Pre-emptive Measures. Namely, we're going to get out the fur blankets, stock up on frozen and canned goods, and start an inventory of Casa Ben to find things we can easily chop up for fuel.

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