October 17, 2003

Shock Fury Horror!

WOODY ALLEN FAMOUSLY SAID that you can't tell folks that you stole and robbed banks for a living, because people would hold it against you. However, thanks to the most disturbing site we've seen in a long time, you CAN tell folks about that -- and so much more!

Yes, thanks to these good people, humanity's fallen nature and general spiritual rot is made public. It's all anonymous, but Gad! it has to be one of the most disturbing things we've seen in years.

Consider the following things to which otherwise normal people admitted. We have left their entries' spelling and grammatical errors intact:

I once made conterfeit money from my computer and spent at least $200 at various places. Im not suprised i did it as much as i was surpised how easy it was

When my boss was away in meetings, I would go into his office, put my feet up on his desk and play around with his palmpilot. I would also install games on his computer and play them over the internet.

I'm a man in his 20s. Recently I found a girl's make up bag on the floor in a nightclub. I took it home, and tried putting the make up on.

Sickness! depravity! corruption! And these are just the entries we felt we could print!

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