October 07, 2003

Other Arnold, Sex Actress Battle for 10th Place

WE HERE AT THE RANT will leave to others commentary on what California's gubernatorial recall election means to the Golden State. We just don't think one key story should be ignored. Namely, how all the candidates who had absolutely no (UPDATE: well, OK, a very tiny) chance of winning the second part of the recall question fared at the polls.

Fortunately, thanks to the State of California's excellent Web site, we can see first-hand just how the other 125 or so candidates performed. And look! With 8.6 percent of the precincts reporting, the ex-child star has a slight lead over the sex actress! The guy who smashes watermelons for a living is close behind ...

2. BUSTAMANTE: 31.0 pc
3. McCLINTOCK: 12.0 pc ...

10. COLEMAN: 1,642 votes - 0.2 pc
11. COOK: 1,316 votes - 0.0 pc ...
15. GALLAGHER: 918 votes - 0.0 pc

It could be worse, though, for them. Todd Richard Lewis, No. 135 on the list at present, has so far garnered only 15 votes.


UPDATE, 11:51 PM With 14 percent of precincts reporting, Todd Richard Lewis is now tied for 116th place with 70 votes. Kevin Richter has fallen to No. 135, with 39 votes. Coleman and Cook now struggling for 11th place, as Van Vo jumps to No. 10 with 2,129 votes.

UPDATE, 12:04 AM: The foxy account-executive girl is beating the foxy computer programmer girl. With 14 percent of precincts reporting, Brooke Adams is in 29th place, while Georgy Russell ranks No. 43.

UPDATE, 12:10 AM: Coleman, Cook still battling it out for 11th place, with 15.8 percent of precincts reporting. Gallagher falls to 17th place. Billboard model Angelyne ranks No. 26, proving the billboards around town still leave the vast majority of Angelenos a bit confused. Richter is still in the basement, with a mere 44 votes.

UPDATE, 12:21 AM: COLEMAN SURGES to 10th PLACE! Van Vo in 11th, Cook in 12th. Cook now has 0.2 percent of the vote, California says.

UPDATE, 12:30 AM: But wait! The foxy computer-programmer girl now ranks No. 38, with Adams at No. 32!

FINAL UPDATE, 12:41 AM: Well, the battle of Coleman v. Cook doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon, as Gary Coleman is still in 10th place and Mary Cook is in 11th. In any event, we are going to bed, and will see how things turn out in the morning.

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WOAH! Foxy computer-programmer girl! I burn, I pine, I parish. I had no idea she was in the running!

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