September 05, 2003


As regular readers of The Rant know, we recently updated our blogroll. In our entry discussing those changes, we had suggested that, due to the sports-oriented writings on Stephen Silver's site, Mr Silver would be the type to shout "Buckner!" in a south Boston pub.

Upon reading this entry, Mr Silver wrote us about his time in the Northeast and said that his remarks about the Red Sox were in jest. We believe him about this because he admitted to being a fan of the Minnesota Twins, which takes guts. We also believe him because he clearly recognizes what it means to exclaim "Buckner!" within 250 miles of Boston. And he assures us he would never do such a thing.

So because we here at The Rant value honesty and accuracy, we have corrected the record. Now go visit Steve's blog.

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Posted by: Farah at September 5, 2003 01:36 PM