August 15, 2003


Rob Lowe? Possible Schwarzenegger advisor? Geez. Can this California recall get any more surreal than it has already?

Yeah, probably. That's why we here at The Rant are eagerly anticipating a Schwarzenegger - Huffington - Coleman - Russell - Bustamante - Flynt debate. Can you imagine what great television that would be? Gad. About the only person we're missing is Ironhead Hayward.

SCHWARZENEGGER: (holding up document): "But Iiiiiironhead. Vat's this thingy?"
HAYWARD: "That's my proposal for plugging the $38 billion hole in California's budget, chump!"

A pity Mr Hayward doesn't live in California -- at least we don't think he does.

We are also quite disappointed that Moxie is not running for Governor. One hundred fifty candidates are running for that post, and not one of them is a blogger. Something ain't right with this picture.

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at August 15, 2003 05:22 PM | TrackBack

So let's get this straight. Arnold repeats, in several different forms, "everything must be provided for the people."

He pledges to work with Warren Buffet, a Democrat. Bonnie Reiss, a Democrat, is his strategist. Rob Lowe, a Democratic activist, may take a "senior campaign position."

He's pro-abortion but supports "sensible" gun control. His wife is a Kennedy. A few years ago, he said in an interview he would never forgive the Republican party. The programs he's helped along (BEFORE becoming Governor) will cost nearly half a billion dollars a year. He refuses to answer (or to hear) questions about his view on social policy.

A Republican? A fiscal conservative? I'm looking forward to those debates as well (though I don't expect them to be broadcast here).

Posted by: Kevin White at August 15, 2003 09:29 PM