August 07, 2003

"Sweet ... MERCY."

So last Thursday, Allison Barnes all gave us quite a start when she announced, with absolutely no fanfare, that she would be taking some time off. We didn't know why at the time, but we learned why in her latest post.

It's one of those things that would be funny if it was in a movie; but unfortunately, life is most certainly not a movie. Basically, the situation she describes pretty much sucks. So go read it.

Also, readers of The Rant are sincerely encouraged to go buy Allison stuff on her Amazon wish list.

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at August 7, 2003 07:36 PM | TrackBack

Awww! I'm sure it'll be funny in a few years. In the far future, I'll be telling my grandchildren stories about my past and they will not even believe me. "There goes Granny making stuff up again!"

Posted by: Allison at August 7, 2003 07:57 PM