June 18, 2003

Now I'm REALLY Shocked and Appalled

The American Association of Nude Recreation is expanding a network of camps which let teenagers parade around naked on camp grounds, The New York Times has reported. According to the Times report, the camps are aimed at children ranging from the ages of eleven to eighteen.

Yes, that's disgusting; and no, I'm not kidding around. This is from an Actual News Article published in one of the nation's largest daily broadsheets:

Naked summer camp might strike non-nudists as illegal or prurient, or like striking a match to the gasoline of adolescent hormones.

Anti-nudity statutes in Florida and other states, however, say that nudity on private property is perfectly legal, even among minors, as long as there is no lewdness. And camp rules, drawn up by campers themselves a few years ago, guard against that. "Do not allow nudity and lust to mingle," they state. "No improper touch. Nudity must not be humiliating, degrading or promote ridicule." Even the occasional clothing, worn in the camp's shuttle van, must not be "sexually alluring."

"Might strike?" What's all this "might strike" talk about? How about "DOES strike?" I mean, after all, if these teenagers are raised in homes where the parents consider open nudity to be "fine" and "with it," one can infer that they probably haven't received the traditional moral or social teaching about modesty in other respects. Add in the fact that they're teenagers, and we find it quite unlikely they would have any qualms at all about having at it behind the canteen.

But wait, some might say. There are Camp Rules in place to prevent any of that! Oh, yes. Thank God we have the Camp Rules. They'll be sure to stop any licentiousness and other depraved goings-on. Look! The campgoers are hormone-crazed teenagers! At least some will pay no attention to the Camp Rules. Heck, they wouldn't pay attention if the Camp Rules dealt with things like curfew and visitation, much less a prohibition on sexual activity.

What really gets me, though, are the parents who send their kids to these types of places. Now that's thinking I really can't understand. I mean, it's one thing if the parents decide to take a week once a year and go in secret to frolic in the buff. It's another thing entirely for said parents to introduce their kids to such things, and the consequent dangers that might come along with them.

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