June 11, 2003

A Big "Thank You" to Our Readers

As The Rant nears its first week on the new server, we here have been positively astounded at the number of visitors to our site. We do not use that word lightly, either. We mean we were flat-out stupefied when we saw the latest numbers, and we were calling each other over to the monitors, and jumping up and down excitedly.

We are pleased to tell our investors that site traffic to The Rant is up an estimated 336 percent from its all-time high. This traffic has thus far been sustained and is increasing. While we think it will level off and perhaps recede a bit, we have been incredibly pleased with the reception to The Rant's new home.

We would further like to thank Dean Esmay, the force majeure behind our switch to our own hosting service; Emily Jones; Brian Linse; D.C. Thornton; Ken Layne; Oliver Willis; Sasha and Andrew Castel-Dodge, Bryan @ AWS; Illinigirl and all the others who have updated their links, given us a mention, or otherwise contributed to the cause. If we've missed you, please drop us a note and we'll make sure to add you onto the list.

We would also like to thank the UnaBlogger for his link to our site. While our Internal Code of Ethics prohibits us from actually linking to the UnaBlogger's Web site because of its ...um ... you know ... content, we must say we appreciate his interest. We admit we don't understand why he is interested in our site. But he apparently seems to feel we deserve a mention, and we thank him for the 91 hits he has sent our way.

We would also ask who the girl is this time. Please advise.


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Posted by Benjamin Kepple at June 11, 2003 11:03 PM | TrackBack

Hey, anything to help out. Enjoy the new digs. I know you're going to be pleased with this step up. Happy blogging

Posted by: bryan at June 11, 2003 11:10 PM

Mr. Ben:
Things are looking spiffy here at The Rant! Glad to have been of service. Now let's find a good topic to cross swords on, eh?

It looks like the UB has dedicated another Veronica Zemanova pic to you. The tip off for me was the marked... um... glandular similarity to the pic in the upper left... You should have noticed that, bro.

Maybe you need to get out more...

Posted by: Brian Linse at June 12, 2003 04:31 AM