June 06, 2003

Religion-Parody Website Only Mocks Protestants

A Web site which pokes fun at Christians only focuses on Protestants, we have discovered tonight.

Lark News, which bills itself as "a good source for Christian news," has articles this month snickering at a litany of Protestant groups, ranging from Southern Baptists to United Methodists. Seemingly no Protestant offshoot escapes condemnation, and even the Mormons get a bit of mockery directed their way.

Yet, weirdly, after we went through six full months of Lark News' on-line archives, we found not one article bashing Roman Catholicism or its counterpart, Eastern Orthodoxy. We fully admit we have no idea what to make of this development.

On the one hand, we here at The Rant are quite pleased to see that the Roman and Eastern Churches are not the target of Lark News' rhetorical slings and arrows. But on the other hand, we are quite displeased to see that this Web site ignores two out of the three main branches of Christianity -- just like a very small minority within that third branch makes a point of doing on a daily basis. For Pete's sake, it all started with us; can't you just admit that and get over it?

Ah, well. In any event, Christians of all stripes -- well, most Christians, anyway -- will enjoy the good-natured humor Lark News provides. So go give it a read.

Posted by Benjamin Kepple at June 6, 2003 10:39 PM